CounterBug - a device for digital self defence.

Over 100 million users rely on Alexa to tweak their thermostats, stream their music and schedule their appointments. Whilst there are many who view these devices simply as helping hands - there are others who consider them to be Trojan horses in the age of digital surveillance. This project is for those who use Alexa, but do so with a looming paranoia about where their data might end up, and the purpose for which it might be used.

CounterBug is a family of diruptive products intended to confuse Alexa’s algorithms.  It uses disinformation as a form of guerrilla data security, bombarding Alexa with false data - in turn protecting the user from the threats of state spying, vested corporate interest and potential criminal hackers.

Each accessory responds to a different form of surveillance paranoia; one to censor the user’s language so that they don’t get in trouble with the NSA, one to disrupt Amazon’s tailored advertising algorithms, and one that chats to Alexa about virtuous topics whilst they’re out the house.  

Have a look through the project’s process journal: