Not on My Watch

Not on My Watch is a digital service to engage community members to spot and report even the smallest signs of what could be a case of child sexual exploitation (CSE). It was one outcome of an invite-only design sprint run by the Ministry of Justice, Design Thinkers Academy London, Royal College of Art and STBY, as part of the What Design Can Do Global challenge to come up with relevant and feasible solutions on how to combat the sexual exploitation issue in the UK. We immersed ourselves in desk research produced by STBY and spoke to experts from several industries from charities such as Barnardo’s to Social Workers, General Practitioners and Safeguards from the Local Authorities, before coming up with and prototyping a digital solution. 

Read about our proposition in more detail here:

Video produced by Karen Rozenbaum

  • Erlend Prendergast, student at Glasgow School of Art and intern at Design Thinkers Academy
  • Eve Bayram, associate designer trainee at Civil Service at the Ministry of Justice
  • Karen Rozenbaum, strategist and MA Service Design at the Royal College of Art
  • Kieran Sull, Policy Advisor at the Ministry of Justice
  • Malcolm Casimir, Strategic User Experience Consultant at Ministry of Justice Digital