A Day in the Life




This project and examined the future relationship between artificial intelligence and clinical research - with a specific interest in how third party lifestyle and environment data could be used to facilitate a more effective selection process for clinical trials.

Technology is becoming increasingly integrated into the fabric of society - many of the products we use to mediate our everyday our lives are embedded with sensors which passively collect data, with or without our active participation. In the future, the growing presence of artificial intelligence within our lives will lead to an abundance of data about who we are as individuals; how we live, what we spend our money on, where we travel, how much we exercise. This data could play an important role in the delivery of precision medicine, which not only looks at a patient’s genetics, but takes into account their lifestyle and environment in order to personalise and optimise treatment and prevention strategies.

TrialSeek is a service which gathers and analyses an individual's lifestyle and environment data in order to match them with a suitable trial.